User groups have been around for years, advertising in the backs of computer magazines and providing community to countless tech people. While they no longer advertise meetings in computer magazines, they are flourishing and have found new life on Meetup.   If you haven't already joined Meetup, you should.

Meetup's easy to navigate site will allow you to find groups that cater to the people you are trying to hire.  It’s easy and in most cases free to join the groups that interest you. Once you join a group, you can post jobs, reach out to members via Meetup messaging and of course attend meetings and network with potential employees. 

Don’t see a relevant Meetup near you?  You can always start your own.  Keep in mind running a user group is a lot of work and is a serious commitment.  However, if you can pull it off, you will have a steady supply of talent coming to you!

The market is tight, and while you may not have the budget of Google or Microsoft, you can still compete for talent. If you are willing to think outside of the box and invest a bit of sweat equity you can build the team you need to grow your company.

2. Develop an employee referral program.

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3. Join and attend relevant user groups.


3 Ways Startups & Small Businesses Can Compete for  Software Engineers.

There’s no denying that’s it’s hard to find talented software engineers for your team these days.  It’s especially difficult for startups and small businesses.  Not only do you have to compete against larger companies with deeper pockets and inhouse recruiting teams, you also have to deal with the current low unemployment rate for software engineers. 

What’s the answer?  Job boards are usually not enough.  You have to get creative and step up your game. 

Here are 3 ideas to help you get started.

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 ​3 Ways Startups & Small Businesses Can Compete For Software Engineers 

Studies have shown that some of the best employees come over as referrals.   To get the most out of employee referrals, you need to have a designated well publicized employee referral program. You will want to work with your HR department on this. Glassdoor features an article  that  outlines what you will need to set up your employee referral program.    Here is a  white paper that also provides helpful information about your employee referral program. 

Be sure to invite all of your employees to participate in the program - not just the developers. Your sales, marketing and operations people can all be great sources of developer referrals.

1. Start with your own network.

Your network can be a rich source of potential hires. Have you kept in touch with former colleagues? What about the developer that you met at the conference last year? Don't forget former employees who have moved on to other positions. Even if you haven't kept in touch, this is a good time  to reach out to them.  Remember, good people know other good people.

Consider contacting your alma mater's alumni association if it is local to the position you are trying to fill.

When you do reach out to your network, be sure to make it easy for them to spread the news about your open positions. Give them a concise, clearly written job description, along with your contact information.

Working your network can yield great developers. Use it!